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Photos: On this day—July 17, 1941—DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak snapped

Posted Jul 17, 2014


Seventy-three years after Joe DiMaggio recorded a 56-game hitting streak, the record still stands strong. The game of baseball has evolved—players today are smarter, stronger and more strategically prepared than ever before, yet nobody has come close to touching Joe D’s remarkable feat.

Since DiMaggio reached 56 in 1941, only Pete Rose (44-game hit streak in 1978) has come within 16 games of the mark. It’s a feat many consider the most untouchable record in all of sports, and on this day 73 years ago, that streak was snapped.

Beginning on May 15, DiMaggio recorded at least one hit in every game for more than two full months. He went 0-3 with a walk against the Cleveland Indians on July 17, but DiMaggio ultimately beat out Ted Williams for the 1941 American League MVP despite Williams’ .406 batting average. He’s widely considered not only one of the best Yankees, but also one of the best pure hitters in history. DiMaggio’s name has become synonymous with the no. 56, so we’ve used this opportunity to reflect on a legendary career.

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